Our Good morning

For those who prefer just a coffee or a cup of tea with biscuits in the morning, they will find them in our relax area, available free of charge for all our guests at any time of the day.

Our facility is in collaboration with neighboring cafe-bar and pastry shop, and is able to satisfy every taste: from the Italian to international breakfast.

Breakfast at Miozzi pastry shop

You can choose one of these options:
1) 1 cappuccino + 1 croissant + 3 pastries
2) 1 coffee + 1 fresh-squeezed juice + 1 pastry
3) 1 fruit juice + 1 croissant + 1 pastry
4) 1 hot/cold tea + 1 croissant + 2 pastries
5) 1 hot/cold tea + 1 croissant + 2 pastries

Breakfast at Scapin cofe-bar

Hot drink of your choice:
n.1 coffee, barley coffee, American coffee,cappuccino, latte macchiato (milky coffee).
Cold beverage of your choice:
n.1 Juice (flavors: orange, red orange, pineapple);
n.1 Ice Tea (lemon or peach);
n.1 Yogurt 150g glass jar (assorted flavors)
Sweet breakfast of your choice:
n.2 croissants various flavors;
n.2 large biscuits;
n.1 croissant and n.1 large biscuit;
fresh toast with butter and jam;
n.1 fruit salad;
n.1 yogurt 150 gr glass jar, assorted flavors + 1 large cookie


Savory breakfast of your choice:
n.1 toasted ham and cheese sandwich;
n.2 fresh small ham ok cooked ham rolls;
n.1 omelette with fresh bread