Hello, I’m Elena.

I wanted to create the holiday property Nights sull’Adige in July 2016, within the large apartment that belonged to my maternal grandmother, situated in the historical center of the magnificent city of Verona, on the banks of the Adige River.

The idea of this activity has taken shape over the years dedicated to volunteering and teaching at a sports club, during which time I was often in contact with children and parents, young and old. This has taught me to understand the people I have encountered, and led me to a greater understanding of communication, which would change from person to person and each time present new challenges that filled me with enthusiasm. Slowly I discovered how this interaction with and comprehension of people made me positive, sunny and full of vitality.

With this experience I realised something: I wanted to find a way to relive and explore these emotions, these ever-changing interactions. The solution was to find a vocation that put me in contact with people on a daily basis, so I turned my interest to the world of tourism.

In January 2016, after some research and with the help of architects, surveyors, plumbers, electricians, builders and consultants, we transformed my grandmother’s apartment tinto wha it has become today.

After much dedication, focus, commitment and effort, I can finally welcome you to an environment that I trust you will find comfortable and amiable during your visits to this wonderful city.

Verona Tourism:
Verona has always been one of the most visited cities in Italy, known all over the world and famous for its Roman sites, especially L’arena Roman amphitheater, famous for it’s grand opera season, theatrical events and concerts of all types.

Verona is also the city of the star crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet. I am happy to provide you with tips and directions, and news of book events, restaurants, concerts and more.

Verona gastronomy:

You can find interesting and varied culinary experiences at the ostarias and restaurants in the city and the surrounding province, especially in nearby Valpolicella, (where I grew up), in the vineyards, wine cellars, farms, farmhouses and the many taverns and restaurants offering traditional delights, with great attention to product quality.

I’ll be pleased to explain to my guests the philosophy of Veronese cuisine and wine production, and also offer the opportunity to taste the products by organising guided tours of the wine cellars and farmhouses.

Elena Baccolo

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Lungadige Panvinio, 15 – 37121 Verona